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Arbor Pro Shrub and Bush Pruning. Professional tree service for residential and commercial zonings in Northern Utah.
Arbor Pro shrub and bush pruning northern utah

Arbor Pro Shrub and Bush Pruning

Professional tree service
for residential and commercial zonings
in Northern Utah

North Ogden, Utah

North OgdenUtah

South Ogden, Utah

South OgdenUtah

Layton, Utah


Roy, Utah


Clearfield, Utah


Shrub & Bush Trimming

The team at Arbor Pro is committed to helping take care of your trees and shrubs to ensure your property remains beautiful and healthy. We live and work in the communities we serve, so we are well versed on the agricultural needs. Our team has had extensive experience in pruning shrubs, and we combine our knowledge with your aesthetic preference in order to prune your shrubs.

Why Prune Shrubs

Not only do we recommend keeping your property kept up for the visual appearance, but there are a number of reasons why you should prune your shrubs. Regular pruning is important for healthy plants. Pruning removes dead and dying limbs, saves your property from potentially hazardous branches, and allows your shrubs to sprout new growths. Whether you want your shrubs with perfectly rounded tops or you want them cut into swans- we can take care of it. (We are still working on the swans, but we can definitely round the tops!)

When to Prune Shrubs

When do we recommend that you prune your shrubs? Pruning is recommended in late fall or early spring. Pruning in the off-season allows your plants to flourish during their peak growing times. You always want to keep your shrubs pruned to decrease the likelihood of them contracting a disease. 

When to Prune Bushes

Similarly to pruning shrubs, you should prune your bushes when they are dormant. Pruning can be done carefully by experts throughout the year, but it is safest during the off-season. The reason for avoiding extreme trimming during the peak growth season is that it essentially opens a wound on the plant that can be infected by microorganisms and cause diseases in your bushes and detrimental decay. 

Trimming/Prune for Healthy Growth

If you want to extend your investment in your lawn by keeping your shrubs and bushes alive, then you need to schedule trimming. Pruning encourages growth and strength in your trees. If you want to have your trees shaped, pruning is a great time to do so, but it isn’t mandatory. The main focus of pruning is to allow your trees to continue to flourish naturally like they would in the forest.

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