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Arbor Pro Tree REMOVAL. Professional tree service for residential and commercial zonings in Northern Utah
Arbor Pro Tree Removal northern utah

Arbor Pro Tree REMOVAL

Professional tree service
for residential and commercial zonings
in Northern Utah

North Ogden, Utah

North OgdenUtah

South Ogden, Utah

South OgdenUtah

Layton, Utah


Roy, Utah


Clearfield, Utah


Why tree removal is important

Along with tree trimming, pruning, shrub trimming, and stump grinding, Arbor Pro offers tree removal services. Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, and should be regularly maintained. Unfortunately, sometimes trees need to be removed. When trees pose a risk to a property and they cannot be pruned, then it is important to have them removed. 

Tree Removal for severe weather

If you’re aware of an upcoming storm, then it is important to have your property assessed beforehand. Are your trees healthy enough to survive a storm? Insurance policies don’t cover damages that trees cause to your garage or fence! Have a tree risk assessment performed today. 

Tree Risk Assessment (dead branches, wilting branches, cracked trunks, etc.)

A tree risk assessment with Arbor Pro can save you from increased homeowners insurance bills. Regularly check your trees for growths around the base of the trunk including fungi and damage to the trunk. When you see those things, be sure to call in the professionals for a second pair of eyes on the issue. While Arbor pro is checking your tree for trunk damage, they will also take a look at the state of the branches. After making an informed judgement on the state of your tree, you can decide whether to move forward with tree pruning or removal.

Is stump removal necessary?

Once it’s determined that a tree is declining or no longer living, it’s a safety hazard for your property—even if it doesn’t have obvious signs like hanging branches or a leaning trunk. Have the tree in question removed, and then decide whether you’d like to have the stump removed as well. Overtime stumps become a breeding ground for pests like termites and fungus. You don’t want to put your home at further risk! If the stump is left close to your home, then it is likely best to remove it and plant a new tree in its place. 

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