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Arbor Pro Tree trimming/pruning. Professional tree service for residential and commercial zonings in Northern Utah.
Arbor Pro Tree trimming/pruning northern utah

Arbor Pro Tree trimming/pruning

Professional tree service
for residential and commercial zonings
in Northern Utah

North Ogden, Utah

North OgdenUtah

South Ogden, Utah

South OgdenUtah

Layton, Utah


Roy, Utah


Clearfield, Utah


Trimming Versus Pruning

Tree trimming removes damaged, weak or overgrown branches, which promotes proper tree structure and helps reduce the chance of risky tree problems. Pruning is a more specific process that is used to remove any diseased or insect-infested branches, boosting the overall health of the tree.

Why is it important to Prune trees?

It is very important to have your trees pruned. When you prune your trees you’re investing in a long, healthy life for your landscaping. When discovered in its early stages, pruning trees removes insects, fungus, and disease infestations. Pruning is essential for shortening trees while maintaining their health.

Proper Way to Prune Tree Limbs

Included in the proper way to prune your trees is the timing. The dormant season when your tree has lost its leaves is the best time to do so. Damaged or hazardous branches should be taken care of immediately, and you should not wait until the tree’s dormant season. 

How to Cut Tree Limbs

Steer clear of cutting your tree limbs yourself. If you have a branch that could potentially be a hazard, call the professionals at Arbor Pro to have it taken care of. When people trim their trees they have a tendency to top their trees. Tree topping happens when people attempt to trim the canopy of their trees in order to remove dead limbs or to keep tall trees from falling on their home or car. In reality, topping removes leaves that are the tree’s food source, the wounded limbs are susceptible to decay and infestation, and new growths are too weak to withstand storms. 

When to trim trees

Trees grow at different rates, so contacting Arbor Pro for an assessment is best to know how often your tree should be pruned. Generally, every 3-5 years is best for a mature tree while young trees may need to be pruned more often. If you have a young tree whose structure needs to be established or you have a tree with a weak branch, it may be best to trim instead of pruning.

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